White Belt Certification

Why Certification?

The goal of every company is to bring value to their customers. As employees our goal is to bring value to our company in a manner that supports their mission to the customer. The White Belt Certification is typically the first step in the Lean Six SIgma journey. 

The White Belt Training Course will teach you the basic skills needed to be part of a Continuous Improvement Project Team. In this course you will learn the basics of Lean & Six Sigma as well as the importance of process discipline and how you can contribute to the overall success of your company.

This training is valuable for all frontline workers in organizations that have undergone Lean Transformation. It instills the fundamentals of Lean & Six Sigma and helps everyone understand the "Why" behind this discipline. 

At the conclusion of the training the participants will be certified as a White Belt in Lean & Six Sigma and will be presented a Certificate.


Course Content

4 hrs. Classroom Instruction

What Is Lean & Six Sigma

What Are the Roles

Speaking the Lingo

DMAIC Overview

Value Added Vs. Non-Value Added

8 Wastes


Standard Work

Charts & Graphs

Principles of Pull Systems

Error Proofing

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