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Work Instructions

The best way to replicate success is to make sure your team performs their tasks the same way every time. We have years of practical experience writing work instructions that capture the critical to quality tasks that create sustainable processes. 

Process Control Plans (PCP)

There's a reason airline pilots utilize a pre-flight checklist. It is just that important to ensure they have set the plane up correctly in order for it to perform its job. In order to build sustainability you need to ensure your team has a pre-flight checklist. a PCP ensures that your teams has a map of what to check during the day to ensure your process remains stable. 

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Plan

An effective SPC program can be the canary in the coal mine for your process. It tracks equipment and process performance and gives you guardrails to ensure your process stays center lined. Our team can help you develop and track your critical inputs to help you course correct before creating scrap.

Leader Standard Work

Even those in charge need a pre-flight checklist. With all the demands placed on leadership it is good to have a reminder of what needs to happen everyday in order to replicate success. Leader Standard Work can be used at all levels within an organization and is built from the bottom up to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. 


Maintenance Teams and Operators have a lot of responsibility. Give them the tools they need to consistently perform at their best. AM/PM checklists ensure that your equipment is always maintained for peak performance. 

Lock Out/ Tag Out

Employee safety is paramount in any organization. We can help draft procedures for LO/TO to ensure your team has the knowledge they need to stay safe when working with stored energy.

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