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Autonomous Maintenance

At the core of any maintenance program is the operator owning and caring for the equipment on a daily basis. Once they understand how to take care of the basic daily maintenance on the equipment you can eliminate the old mindset of operating the equipment to failure and hoping the maintenance team can fix it.

Preventative Maintenance

A good PM program ensures that your equipment is always ready to do the work you require of it. We can help you evaluate your current program to ensure you are not losing productivity due to unscheduled downtime.

Quality Maintenance

Let us help you bridge the gap between your Maintenance Program and your Quality Program. If your equipment is used in the manufacture of your product ,understanding the impact of maintenance on your end product is crucial to improving quality. 

Predictive Maintenance

Your equipment is trying to send you a message, are you listening? Identifying issues before they happen can put you in better control of your process. Let us help you better understand the story your equipment is telling you in order to take care of repairs on your schedule instead of your equipment's schedule.

Inventory Control

Having the right parts when you need them is critical to keeping your equipment running. We utilize very simple tools to help you identify the correct parts to have on hand in order to reduce downtime as well as lean out your inventory to reduce carrying costs. We also help you reduce wasted time and effort by helping you efficiently lay out your store room.  

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