Lean 6 Sigma Champion Certification

Why Certification?

The goal of every company is to bring value to their customers. As Leaders our goal is to set clear expectations for our team that are in line with bringing value to the customer. The Lean 6 Sigma Champion Certification is intended for Executives and Directors as well as Sr. Managers who will set company direction for Continuous Improvement efforts.

The Lean 6 Sigma Champion Certification Course will give you the skills needed to Champion a culture of Continuous Improvement within your organization. You will learn how to create the infrastructure required within your organization to support Lean & Six Sigma. You will also be given the tools needed to Champion projects that your teams are engaged in. You will learn what tools are available to them and what charts and graphs are best suited to solving your everyday opportunities. 

This training is valuable for all Leaders in organizations Which have recently undergone Lean Transformation or are considering it. Lean implementations always work best when you utilize a top down approach. When your team gets clear direction from you as the leader in your organization they will follow. 

At the conclusion of the training the participants will be certified as a Lean 6 Sigma Champion and will be presented a Certificate.


Course Content

Day 1 Instruction

What is Lean & Six Sigma

What Are The Roles

Speaking The Lingo

Value Added vs Non-Value Added

Principles of a Pull System

Understanding Company Mission, Vision & Values

Communicating the Vision

Value Streams

Building Continuous Improvement Infrastructure

Components of Successful CI Program

Project Charter

Selecting the Team

Day 2 Instruction

Value of Operational Definition Agreement

Defining Scope

Voice of the Customer

Metrics for Success

Charts & Graphs

Process Mapping

8 Wastes



Developing Controls

Process Documentation

Standard Work

Project Management & Accountability

Removing Road Blocks

Leading Change in Your Organization

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