Green Belt Certification

Why Certification?

The goal of every company is to bring value to their customers. To continue meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations you need to always be improving. Building a team focused on improving your companies processes is crucial to winning more customers. The Green Belt Certification is intended for anyone in your organization responsible for managing Lean & Six Sigma Projects.

This course is also for those who wish to build their skills for a career in many of the Continuous Improvement roles in the workplace. Those wishing to further their career or position themselves for additional responsibilities within their company also benefit from this Certification.


The Green Belt Training Course gives your leaders the skills they need to take your organization to new heights. The training they receive enable them to manage complex projects that save your company real dollars. They learn how to not only analyze data and improve flow, but hope to effectively manage cross functional teams.

At the conclusion of the training the participants will manage a real project in their workplace and after successful completion with validated savings they will be Certified as Lean Six Sigma Green Belts.


Course Content

Week 1


-What is Lean & Six Sigma

-What are the Roles & Lingo

-What is a Process

-Project Selection

-Project Charter

-Project Management

-Elevator Pitch


-8 Wastes

-Value Added vs Non-Value Added

-Principles of a Pull System


-DMAIC overview

-Operational Definition

-Voice of the Customer


-Process Mapping Techniques


-Data Collection

-Measurement System Analysis

-Standard Work

-Team Dynamics

Week 2


-Overall Equipment Effectiveness

-Statistical Analysis

-Intro to Minitab

-Graphical Analysis

-Stat-a-pult Case Study


-Hypothesis Testing

-Prioritization Tools


-C&E Diagrams

-SMED/ Quick Changeover

-Kaizen Events

-Presentation Skills

-Lean Management

Week 3


-Improvement Methods

-Affinity Diagrams

-Pilot to Process



-Developing Controls

-Process Documentation

-Change Management

-Visual Management

-Training Systems